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Can you name which animal belongs in each film title?

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Forced Order
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Movie TitleMissing Animal
_______ on a plane
The _______, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
One Flew Over the _______ Nest
_______man Begins
Beverly Hills _______
101 _______
The _______ Gang
_______ Tale
Brother _______
Planet of the _______
The Amazing _______ Adventure
_______ on a Hot Tin Roof
_______ Soldiers
Howard the _______
An American _______ in London
Flight of the _______
To Kill a _______
_______ of the Baskervilles
X-Men Origins: _______
The _______ Man
G.I.Joe: The Rise of _______
_______ Race
_______ Jack
Teen _______
Movie TitleMissing Animal
Black _______ Down
The _______ Hunter
Water For _______
_______nado 2: The Second One
Black _______
_______ Dundee
Wild _______
The Pink _______
The _______ Effect
Lord of the _______
How to Train Your _______
_______ in the Mist
12 _______
The _______wick Chronicles
Alvin and the _______
March of the _______
Kung Fu _______
Raging _______
The Silence of the _______
Of _______ and Men
A _______ Called Wanda
Who Framed Roger _______?
One of Our _______ is Missing
The _______ King
_______ Ugly

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