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Can you name the alliterative movie title from the actor, year of release and letter?

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Actor & Alliterative LetterMovieYear of Release
Shia LaBeouf (E)2008
Donald Sutherland (D)1967
Keira Knightley (P)2005
Mel Gibson (W)2000
Jim Carrey (L)1997
Natalie Portman (V)2005
Leonardo DiCaprio (G)2013
Kate Winslet (R)2008
Chris Evans (F)2005
Chris Pratt (G)2014
Ben Affleck (G)2014
Jake Gyllenhaal (D)2001
Cary Grant (N)1959
Ben Stiller (M)1999
Sean Bean (B)1994
Adam Sandler (J)2011
Robert Downey Jr. (A)1990
Christian Bale (B)2005
Samuel L. Jackson (C)2005
George Clooney (M)2014
Actor & Alliterative LetterMovieYear of Release
Meryl Streep (M)2008
Channing Tatum (M)2012
Kenneth Branagh (L)2000
Peter Sellers (P)1963
Bruce Willis (S)1999
Zach Galifianakis (D)2010
John Belushi (B)1980
Eddie Murphy (D)1998
Owen Wilson (M)2008
Jamie Lee Curtis (F)2003
Macaulay Culkin (R)1994
Will Smith (B)1995
Adrien Brody (K)2005
Mike Myers (W)1992
Anne Hathaway (E)2004
Patrick Swayze (D)1987
Chevy Chase (V)1997
Rowan Atkinson (R)2001
Anna Kendrick (P)2012
Ralph Macchio (K)1984

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