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Can you name each of the movies being referenced in these mixed-up quotes?

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'We must get back to Asgard, or Bane will destroy Pandora.' – Tyler Durden
'Use the Force, Katniss, it’s the only way to protect the AllSpark.' – Charles Xavier
'One, two, Lecter’s coming for you, three, four, call Dumbledore.' – Jason Voorhees
'Once Ecto-1 hits 88 mph, you can go back to kill Sarah Connor.' – Rick Deckard
'One does not simply walk into Neverland. Its Black Gates are guarded by the Volturi.' – Aslan
'Follow the yellow brick road, avoid the Jabberwock, and get to Springfield.' – Willy Wonka
'Go into the Cave of Wonders, retrieve the Neuralyzer, and we can defeat Smaug.' – Morpheus
'I will find you and I will kill you with Kryptonite, like you killed my father. Prepare to die.' – Atticus Finch

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