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Ruler of the Pantheon
Creator of the Burning Legion
First Mortal Race on Azeroth
The Progenitor of the Dragonkin
King of the Storm Giants
First Tribe of Humans
King of all Trolls
First High King of Dwarves
Sapient Beings of Pure Energy
Demon-corrupted Eredar
Where the Orcs First Appeared on Azeroth
Wife of Llane Wrynn
Daughter of Blackhand
Sargeras Gift to Azshara
Thrall's Wolf Companion
First Guardian of Tirisfal
Rexxar's First Companion
Rebuilt Stormwind after the Second War
Orc who found the Demon Soul
Capital City of the Naga
Consort of Ysera
Last Descendant of the Arathi Bloodline
Nerubian Queen of Azjol Nerub
Leader of the Hydraxian Waterlords
Powerful Elemental of Sound
Base Island of the Bloodsail Buccaneers
First Pandaren to Leave Pandaria
Dreadlord who Enslaved Garithos
Leader of the Infinite Dragonflight
Poisoned Gorehowl Before Duel with Cairne
Highlord Mograine's Trusted Advisor
Last High Elven King of Quel'Thalas
First of the Satyrs
Son of Alleria and Turalyon
Chief Jailor of Yogg-Saron
Curse Responsible for Some Mortal Races
Spirit World of an Unaltered Version of Azeroth
Former Island Citadel of Stromgarde
Paladin who aided Rhonin and Vereesa
Traitor Son of Mograine
Sister of Arthas Menethil
Fallen Old God with Seven Heads
Retired Gladiator Slave Master Orc
Former King of Alterac
Naaru Dimensional Ship in Nagrand
Strange Ore Mined by Kezan Goblins
Orc Who Wounded Sargeras
Self-proclaimed King of Gnomeregan
Mother of Wrathion
Island Known for Bananas

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