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First soldier killed in Vietnam
Where the French lost Vietnam
Year U.S. left Vietnam
Killed in Houston
Author of the Feminine Mystique
Kennedy's Killer
Investigated Kennedy Assasination
Leader of 2nd Red Scare
Member of 60's counterculture
Member of 50's counterculture
Delivered Iron Curtain Speech
George Kennan's Foregin Policy
Leader of Cultural Revolution
Blacklisted Hollywood figures
First Soviet satellite
First Female Senator
Generation Born After World War II
War Fought to a Draw
Star of I Love Lucy
____________ the Pelvis
President Who Created Interstates
First Suburb
He 'Willl Bury You!'
U.S. Reaction to Soviet Blockade of Berlin
Dividing Line Between the Koreas
Spokesman for Nation of Islam
Nickname for Birmingham, AL
Laws that Dictated Racial Ettiquette in South
Violent Black Rights Group
Gave 'I Have a Dream' Speech
Trial that Desegregated Public Schools
Really Liked Her Seat on the Bus
Wrote the Song 'Hurricane'
Governor Blocked the Little Rock Nine
LBJ's Domestic Program
Cuban Dictator
Most Dangerous Cold War Crisis
Kennedy's Foregin Policy Program
Kennedy's Domestic Program
Failed Invasion of Cuba
Nickname for My Lai
Document Authorized Vietnam War
Nixon's Vietnam Policy
Four Dead in Ohio
Revealed Government Deception in Vietnam
Ended U.S. Combat in Vietnam
First U.S. College to Graduate Women
Founder of Ms. Magazine
Amendment for Gender Equality
Provides Equal Funding for Sports Teams

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