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non-stratified sediment (or rock) carried or deposited by a glacier containing a wide range of particle sizes
decrease in hydraulic head measured by a pump test
ground is elevated in front of a retreating glacier, lake forms, drains, leaves accumulation of silts and clays
material deposited from a glacier. recognizable from low relief and lack of transverse linear patterns
most recent geological period -2M yrs ago to present
Refers to a stade; period of time represented by a glacial deposite.
hydraulic conductivity x saturated thickness of the aquifer
volume between the top of any engineered system, and the top countours
use of a landfill site following completion and closure of the landfill
relatively impermeable, polymetric sheet used as a liquid and vapour barrier in geotechnical and civil applications
polymetric material, synthetic or natural, used in geotechnical and civil
low permeability sheet constructed from a thin layer of clay bonded between two layers of geosynthetic which is used as a liquid and vapour barrier in ...
planar, polymetric structure consisting of a regular, open network of integrally connected tensile elements and whose openings are much larger than its constituents, used for reinf
planar, polymetric structure consisting of a regular, desnse network of integrally connected overlapping ribs, used fo liquid and vapor transmission in ...
manufactured, assembled material using at least one geosynthetic product among the components
planar, polymetric textile material which may be woven, nonwoven or knitted, used in ...
3D, polymetric spacer layer, made of a cuspated sheet, monofilaments or any other structure, use in...
fluid formed by the passage of water through waste
an engineered system designed to collect and remove leachate from the landfill
a low permeability (clay, geosynthetic clay liner or geomembrane use either separately or together) used as a barrier to advective contaminant transport
contours of hydraulic head in a confined aquifer

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