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Can You FIll in the Blanks to Complete the Titles in Dan Gutman's My Weird School Series?

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Miss Daisy Is _____
Mr. Klutz Is _____
Mrs. Roopy Is _____
Ms. Hannah Is _____
Miss Small Is Off the _____
Mr. Hynde Is Out of His _____
Mrs. Cooney Is _____
Ms. LaGrange Is _____
Miss Lazar Is _____
Mr. Docker Is Off His _____
Mrs. Kormel Is Not _____
Ms. Todd Is _____
Mrs. Patty Is _____
Miss Holly Is Too _____
Mr. Macky Is _____
Ms. Coco Is _____
Miss Suki Is _____
Mrs. Yonkers Is _____
Dr. Carbles Is Losing his _____
Mr. Louie Is _____
Ms. Krup Cracks Me _____
Mrs. Dole Is Out of _____
Mr. Sunny Is _____
Mr. Granite Is from Another _____
Coach Hyatt Is a _____
Officer Spence Makes No _____
Mrs. Jafee Is _____
Dr. Brad Has Gone _____
Miss Laney Is _____
Mrs. Lizzy Is _____
Miss Mary Is _____
Mr. Tony Is Full of _____
Ms. Leakey Is _____
Miss Child Has Gone _____
Mr. Harrison Is _____
Mrs. Lilly Is _____
Mr. Burke Is _____
Ms. Beard Is _____
Mayor Hubble Is in _____
Miss Kraft Is _____
Dr. Nicholas Is _____
Ms. Sue Has No _____
Mr. Jack Is a _____
Miss Klute Is a _____
Mrs. Lane Is a _____

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