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Which Lost Boy shoots Wendy?
In which garden did the fairies raise Peter?
What is the name of the Italian pirate in Hook's crew?
What breed of dog is Nana, according to the book?
To which school did Hook belong before becoming a pirate?
What is Smee's nationality?
What is the name of the official sequel to Peter Pan?
How many Lost Boys are there when the Darlings come to the island?
What animal does Wendy have as a pet on the island?
Who saves Peter from drowning?
According to the book, from what are fairies born?
Peter believes that 'to die...'
What do Peter and the Lost Boys build for Wendy?
Mrs Darling hides what in the corner of her mouth?
What does Peter mistake for a kiss?
With what does Peter attempt to reattach his shadow?
According to a Neverland saying, what happens every time one breaths?
What does Peter and the Lost Boys use for a table?
What is the name of Wendy's daughter?
What does Hook use in his attempt to kill Peter?
Who saves Peter from Hook's murder attempt?
What are Wendys' two middle names?
What are the names of Wendy's brothers?

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