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Kick ass dark haired female
Skeleton with impeccable dress sense
Sword wielding blond female
Scared boxer/tailor
Last teleporter
Grand Mage (book 5 onwards)
Owner of the Midnight Hotel
Energy thrower and Dead Man
He knows things
Deceased Dead Man
Deceased Dead Man
Symbol whizz
Leader of the Church of the Faceless (Ireland)
Church of the Faceless worker
Leader of the Church of the Faceless (USA)
War leader (evil)
Grand Mage ( book 1)
Elder necromancer (book 1)
Valkyrie's necromancer mentor
High Priest of the necromancer order
Death Bringer
Valkyrie's mother
Valkyrie's father
Valkyrie's sister
Mentor of Melancholia
English Grand Mage
Blue skinned monster
Terror of London
Scarred vampire
Obsessive vampire
Crenga doctor
Grumpy scientist
Killer supreme and Zombie King
Ditzy blue haired girl
Blonde teenage psycho
teenage psycho
teenage psycho
Moral given magic
Sorcerer giving mortals magic
Texan hitman
Texan Hitman's father
Grand Mage (book 2-4)
Red right hand
One of Mevolent's generals
One of Mevolent's generals (Lord)
Valkyrie's alter ego
Reflections taken name
Valkyrie's cousin
Valkyrie's cousin
Valkyrie's aunt
Valkyrie's uncle
Valkyrie's writer uncle
Strongest man
Zombie Cleaver
Zombie Cleaver
Dimensional Shunter
Lives in Gordon's caves
Sensitive (hypnosis)
Sensitive (tattooist also)
Sensitive (visions)
His father worshipped the Faceless Ones
Killed by Kitana
American Mage
Body gaurd
Double agent in Maleficent Seven
Female American mage
Monster Hunter
English monster hunter
Slices of darkness that possesses people

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