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Ammophila wasp is an example of what type of tool use?
Octopi are an example of what type of tool use?
Archer fish is an example of what type of tool use?
Chimpanzees are an example for what tool use?
The Woodpecker finch is an example for what tool use?
Egyptian vultures, sea otters, capuchin monkeys and chimps are an example for what tool?
Bird and Emery 2009 used what in an experiment in tool use?
In the 2 experiment which factors did they change?
Did the bird go for the waxworm if over or under filled?
Which stones did they prefer?
Which animals solved the tube trap task?
Tebbich et al 2001 found tool use to be common in finches in which habitat?
When young from different habitats were mixed what was found?
What happened when naive adults were exposed to tool user?
What were the conclusions from the paper?
Kenward et al 2006 tested New Caledonian crows for twig use. The half without a demonstrator showed what response?
So what does this show is playing a role?
However offspring with demonstrators showed what?
So what does this show about the learning?
Chimpanzees stacking boxes to reach food shows what?
What are the killjoy explanations?
Shettlework 2010 suggested what about teaching and complex cognitive feats?

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