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Can you name the The tree of life?

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LUCA stands for what?
Who came up with the first tree?
What diagram was this the only one in?
Who came up with the 4 pillars of evidence for evolution and shared ancestry?
What were the 4 pillars?
What are the 2 theories for the process of evolution?
What group is an example of slow then explosive change?
What is famously incomplete?
What is the reason for this?
A clade is what type of group?
What is an example of a clade?
What is an example of a paraphyletic group?
A characteristic present in all descendants is called what?
A characteristic only present in one of the tips is called what?
Which record is useful as it preserves all of evolutionary history?
For this record, what 2 sets of data can be used?
Which data is more useful for closely related species than primitive species?

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