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The endosymbiotic theory states that eukaryotes contain what?
Mereshkowski looked at what?
What did he notice about them?
What were they noticed to have similarities with?
Mitochondria come from where?
Chloroplast come from where?
Nuclear genes come from where?
What did Carl Woesse focus on?
What did he say the host cell was?
What was it most closely related to?
The common ancesotor of archaea and eucrya was a what?
What type of eucarya branched off from archaea?
Embley 2003 found what in a parasite?
So what does this mean that they were in?
One site can only have a certain number of what?
Why is this?
Cox et al 2008 used what approach?
What model did he produce?
Where was eucarya?
Euryarchaeota are what?
Crenarchaeota live where?
The discovery of which new groups helped to show they weren't holdovers of the Archaean?
Why were archaea originally not picked up by early methods?
Which domain has the most diversity?
Lokarchaeota share what with eucarya?
What do they code?
What does this suggest they had the ability to do?
What are the 2 leading hypotheses for the origin of eukaryotes?
The M one is based on what idea?
What does it state that it drove for eucarya?
The hydrogen hypothesis states that a community of cells are exchanging what?
And for improved efficiency, they did what?
What does this suggest happened between 2 prokaryotes?
As all cells gain energy from a proton gradient, what is there a constraint on?
Mitochondria reduce the number of what to maintain the necessary energy for a cell?
What does this provide more energy for?
So what does this enable a mitochondria bearing cell to do?
The PHAT theory includes a what?
What did it evolve to enable engulfing?
What did it engulf to enable the development of eucarya?
What is the key thing for these theories?

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