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The design of conservation areas?

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In 1994-2004, without conservation how many species of birds would have been extinct?
What is an example of one of these birds?
The status of how many birds has deteriorated?
The Annex 1 of the EU has shown what in 2015?
What type of birds have fared worse?
What are the functions of nature reserves?
In 2003 what percentage of the world's land area was protected?
But what is the problem with this protection?
Donana in Spain shows the difficulty in conservation through the conflict between what?
The Arrhenius relationship shows that a decrease in area leads to what?
MacArthur and Wilson in the 1960s showed what species-area relationship?
It stated that the number of species on undisturbed islands was determined by what?
Ocean islands will never reach the same species richness as what other type of island?
Rodents and bats are nicknamed what as they can travel far?
What is an example of over-water colonisation that lead to the rise of many species?
Why are larger islands better?
What type of habitat best preserves heterogeneity and dynamics?
Why do small biota require habitat heterogeneity more?
How can isolated habitats be helped?
What are the 3 spatio-temporal scales?
What is an example of a common edge habitat?
How do they help?
What do edge habitats not aid?
Why are buffer zones important at the regional scale?
Why does culture need to be considered?
For example, a legal fishery on the Galapagos was created, but what happened?
What are additional benefits of nature reserves?
What are 3 problems faced by reserves?

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