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Sustainable development aims for a balance between what?
What is the focus of green development?
Which country is the only one to meet the minimum criteria for sustainability?
What is the problem with the focus of sustainable development?
Often, where is the value of biodiversity put?
Tropical forests are species rich but which trees are harvested?
As a result of selective felling, what happens to species composition over time?
An example of sustainable tropical forest harvesting is where?
How is it harvested?
What does this therefore maintain?
However, what is the problem?
What is a benefit for sustaining the ecosystem?
What percentage of the worlds jobs does tourism account for?
In the mid 1990s, how much was ecotourism worth?
It is a large part of the gross domestic product of which countries?
What are the key principles of ecotourism?
Which penguin is negatively affected by tourism?
What was the negative effect on the chicks?
What was the negative affect on the adults?
Ecotourism rarely achieves what economic goal?
Why are there problems in Amboseli for the locals?
Why are reserves and parks beneficial for the economy?
What are some significant effects of ecotourism?
Businesses using the facade of ecotourism can be said to be what?
Even though ecotourism is popular there, what percentage of the Indian tiger population has declined?
How long was this population crash over?
Why did Sariska's 26 tigers disappear?
How many tigers could India have?
However, how many are there?
What is the overall problem of ecotourism?
What are the problems of applying the MSY to sustainable harvesting?
Trophy hunting causes what effect on populations?
An example of this is in what North American animal?
In 1950 what was the population of Saiga in Russia
Which animal did the WWF say to kill them instead of?
However what was the problem?
What did their population reduce to by 2001?
What percentage decline was this?
What is the problem with fish sustainability goals?
How much are the worlds fleets losing each year?
Which are the most important fish for reproduction?
However what is the problem with this?
What does bushmeat include?
From 1997-2005 how many animals went through Malabo?
How much did it contribute to the Ivory Coasts GDP?
Why has bushmeat become unsustainable for last 20 years?
In Turkey, which bulbs were overharvested?
In the 1980s how many bulbs were harvested per year?
What have they done to reduce the impacts of harvesting?
When will sustainable development be useful?

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