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Weakly developed mineral soils, low OM, lack subsurface horizons, poorly developed B horizons, young
Poorly developed mineral soils, range of soil productivity,
Young mineral soils, melanic epipedon, light and fluffy soil, easily tilled, good erosion resistance, high fertility
Young soil with little profile development, frozen, permafrost layer
Accumulation of Ca rich organic matter, dense root system, mollic epipedon, humus-rich surface horizon
Water deficient, ochric epipedon
Forms by acidic leaching, in moist to wet climate regimes, mainly coniferous forests, organic matter poor, rich in acidic resins
Native deciduous forests, illuvial silicate clay accumulation, moderately leached
Little profile development due to anaerobic conditions, black to dark brown, one or more thick layer of organic matter
High clay content, parent material typically limestone, basalt or other Ca and Mg rich material
Form from clay mineral weathering, leaching of cations, moist and warm tropical climates
Most highly weathered soil order, form in hot and moist climates, rich in clay-size Fe/Al oxides

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