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Honey bees do what to share information publically?
Vervet monkeys have what different types of public signal?
Why is the male Tungara frog at a disadvantage for it's public 'chucks' at females?
This is an example of what?
Oliveira et al 1998 found out what about Siamese fighting fish when they watch fights?
Van Bergen et al 1994 showed that animals do what between public and private information?
Yawning is an example of what?
What is another example of this behaviour in kittiwakes?
Coolen et al 2005 said social learning could be advantageous for what reason?
Why is social learning not done all the time?
Laland and Williams 1998 showed what sort of learning in Guppys?
Scrounging means you get food from where?
Producing means you get food from where?
Pigeons in the same cage as a trained pigeon did which method when the food fell out?
What are the methods of social learning?
Sherry and Galef 1984 tested what in Black-capped chickadees?
An open tub was shown to be as effective as what?
Reader and Biro 2010 showed that meerkats would do what after being trained?
However, there were some what?

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