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Why are small populations a concern?
When can a small population size not be a negative thing?
For which bird is this not the case?
What is a small population important for?
The smallest population size that is sustainable for a population is called what?
What are 4 issues for population viability analysis?
However what does the analysis ignore?
If the species has a small geographic range or population density, like the mountain tapir, what should be concentrated on instead?
Why are environmental stochasticity and natural catastrophes a cause for population decline?
Which species is suffering as a result of this?
How does demographic stochasticity lead to population declines?
What is the maximum size a population can grow called?
Why do populations fluctuate around this?
An example of this is a species of bird called?
What does carrying capacity depend on?
What is facilitation?
Malthus describes what type of population growth?
Logistic growth follows what type of curve?
What does it state that growth rate is regulated by?
What is the term used to describe the population's sustainable loss point?
What are the problems of applying this concept?
What value is often put on large species?
Trophy hunting causes what type of selection?
What effect has this had on tusklessness of elephants?
What has happened to the Kodiak subspecies of brown bear?
The maximum sustainable yield was applied to fish stocks, however what has happened as a result?
The Orange Roughy fishery used MSY, and what happened to their stocks?
In mainland New Zealand, introduced predators caused a massive decline in which species?
This is likely due to what factor of its demography?
Why do populations suddenly crash?
Habitat fragmentation has a positive affect on what type of species?

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