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Sequence stratigraphy starts with what?
Entire pile of sediment in a basin is called what?
The potential for sediment to accumulate is within what?
And there is less of it on where?
Rivers will aggrade until what is reached??
Where is no accommodation space required?
Also, where are the not found?
Why is this?
Where is the most accommodation space found?
A low amplitude short-term oscillation between sediment supply and accommodation space is called what?
Aggradation will occur when what 2 things are equal?
But why is this process short-lived?
When contients are eroded, there will be little influx in sediment to the margin unless what?
What occurs when the sedimentation rate exceeds the accommodation space?
What can this also be termed as?
What type of sequence is this seen in?
What occurs when accommodation space increases faster than the generation of sediment?
What can this also be termed as?
The effects of changing sea levels generally come in two types, what are these called?
What will occur if a ramp falls?
A package of sediment deposited in a distinct time period in a basin is called what?
FSST stands for what?
What is happening to the accommodation space here?
So what happens to the parasequence over time?
What does it say about sea levels?
When the sediment of a parasequence slumps down to build a continental slope and submarine fan, it is called what?
What does this mean sediment is doing?
What happens to the rivers to maintain equilibrium?
Sediment being removed from source are and from continental margin is describing the effect on what?
HST stands for what?
What is happening to the sea levels?
So what is happening to the accommodation space?
LST stands for what?
What has reappeared?
What is happening to the sea level?
What is happening to the large fans?
Where have the lobes of sedimentation shifted to?
Why are the base levels of rivers rising?
What happens to the water table?
What happens to the channels on the ramp?
What happens to the entrance?
What does it likely become as a result?
TST stands for what?
What happens to the distal areas?
What type of facies is seen moving up the continent?
What happens to the rate of supply to the basin?
What happens to the river valleys?
Are the water tables high or low on the continent?
Marine facies are coming to their highest point, which means what for floods?
Because of this, what has happened to the continent?
The river valley has become what facies?
What is at its furthest extent?
What can establish on a carbonate platform?
Down the slope what deposits do we get?
What type of sediment is not coming in?
So what would we look for the formation of?
What happens to the sea level?
So what is therefore exposed?
What starts to rise again in the LST?
Concordance occurs when what happens?
When the locus of sedimentation shifts, what basinward movement forms?

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