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A method of using measurements to work out various sea level depths is called what?
What does the history of sea level change get skewed by?
Eustatic refers to what?
What is it affected by?
Why does depth have the most rapid change?
What causes sea level change?
In what periods were there phases of high sea levels in the Phanerozoic?
What will a mid ocean ridge cause?
Pannotia and Pangea both rifted during what?
Why does continental collision lower the sea levels?
When did the Indian plate dock with Eurasia?
What intrusions help to add to the thickness of continental collisions?
How does sedimentation affect the volume of the ocean basin?
What then happens to the water?
In the Phanerozoic, when was carbonate production highest?
Where does this carbonate production flourish?
If the there is hot mantle beneath, what happens to the topography?
Why is this?
In colder areas where subduction occurs, what happens to the material?
So what happens to the ocean surface?
What is the eccentricity cycle driven by?
Obliquity is the what of the planet?
The precession cycle is what change to the rotational axis?
Evapotranspiration in plants produces which Oxygen isotope?
If the icecaps are larger, which isotope is enriched in the ocean?
What animal can be looked at to measure the O18 isotope and work out ice cap extent?
A o.2% chanfe in O18 represents what temperature change?
How many metres of change does the growth in ice sheets cause?
During which stage in the Miocene did the Mediterranean sea dry out?
What did this cause?
Why did it dry out?
Dessication events can have an amplitude of what?
Where is isostatic rebound still occurring?

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