Sandstone Diagenesis

Sandstone Diagenesis?

Diagenesis includes what changes?
When do diagenetic changes occur?
At what temperature does metamorphism start?
And at what pressure?
What determines the features of diagenesis?
What is required for good fluid flux?
At what sort of texture is this normally high in?
Meteroric water sits where in the pH zone?
Connate water is what?
The eogenetic environment is the place where what has the most influence on sediment?
The salinity is what?
The pH is what?
What is commonly formed?
However, at greater depths what forms instead?
What sort of environment does this happen in?
What is eroded at greater depths and replaced by calcite?
What does oxygenated water lead to?
In continental eogenesis, what varies more?
Where there is intense chemical weathering, what is more acidic?
Why is this?
What beds form?
What type of mud leads to pyrite?
Anoxic pore water leads to what?
Oxygenated pore water leads to what?
Siderite is what?
Why is bacterial action important in silt and clays?
Where anoxia prevails, what bacterial reaction occurs?
Where is this more prevelent?
Water ejected from one horizon up to another is called what?
The region below the eogenetic environment is called what?
Here, increased overburden causes what?
Higher temperatures do what?
What happens to the pore water in this environment?
What does this create?
If they come to rest when a fault closes up, what happens to the minerals in the water?
As you get deeper the temperature increases, so what happens?
Early on in burial, what is there a reduction in?
What is this a result of?
What also forms in the same zone as quartz cement?
However, where instead does this process occur?
What early type of cement forms?
What can the changing in packing lead to?
Overburden will lead to what sort of contact?
However, if grains are of equal hardness what contact will form?
An increase of 10C can increase reaction rates by how much?
In the mesogenetic realm, what happens to minerals stable in the eogenetic realm?
However, what happens to carbonates?
What occurs to pore water in the mesogenetic realm?
Fine sediments can act as semi-permeable membranes, resulting in what action?
What can clay filter?
What property do they have which allows them to do this?
At what temperature do bacteria die?
Because of this, alteration becomes purely what?
What does this include?
What does humin produce if buried long enough?
At what pH does calcite precipitate?
At what pH does quartz precipitate?
What are the sources of silica?
Which is the most common source?
Where is the most silica cementation?
At what conditions does it precipitate?
Carbonate cement occurs as the result of the dissolution of what?
The point deeply buried sediments are uplifted and eroded is called what?
What gets lowered here?
Pore waters are now generally what?
What is now out of equilibrium?
Which weathering 'takes hold'?
What is now oxidised and lost?
The porosity that creates reservoirs for oil and gas is called what?
What type of sediment loses porosity quickly?
Which flow causes the greatest loss in permeability?
How does the water cause this?
What does this mean for heterogenous sediments when water flows?
What are the ways that clay can infiltrate?
What does pore lining enable to be maintained?
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