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Rivers and the Old Red Sandstone Continent?

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When did the Iapetus ocean close?
What caused it to close?
What are the Platelets?
Where was the British Isles located?
During the Devonian, when was the eustatic increase?
The lowermost rocks in the UK belong to what?
Which direction is the Iapetus suture trending in the UK?
Which faults helped to build the British Isles?
What type of faults were they initially?
What have they been reactivated as?
Where are marine facies restricted to in the UK in the Devonian?
Where are granites found?
Where is the topography gentler?
Where is the topography steep?
What type of deposits did it then have?
The Highland boundary fault has what deposits?
Where are the fluvial systems that run through it originating from?
Why does the north have coarser grains?
In the middle Devonian what has happened to the faults?
What is moving up against Cornwall?
The Anglo-welsh basin has what provenance?
And what does this mean for it's deposition?
The edge of the Bristol channel land mass has what provenance?
What has developed there?
What is migrating up against it?
What eustatic change starts to happen in the late Devonian for the UK
What is the Anglo-welsh basin now on the margin of?
What gets reactivated on the Laurentian crusts?
What happens to the transport of axial rivers?
The normal faulting causes what in the southern Ireland basin?
In Portishead, what does the conglomerate mark?
What type of sediment are floods full of?
What is sediment beginning to be linked with in the Devonian?
When are the first small roots?
When do plants start to reach a few cms high?
What has the development of rooted plants aided the formation and development of?
What are the names of early Devonian plants that had the first roots?
In the late Devonian, what type of plant was large?
If there are no plants with roots, what is slowed?
When plants die, what do they produce?
And what does this help to accelerate?
This causes the formation of what?
How does this help to stabilise the soil and sediment?
Because of this stablisation, what starts to develop?
This causes the change of sheet braiding to what?
What does flooding inhibit?
What system develops in the Permian?
River valleys as opposed to the whole landscape subject to run off is termed what?
When do we get the first forests?
When do we first see woody things?
What deposits are seen in the Cambrian Alderney Sandstone?
What deposits are seen in the Lower Devonian Battery Point Sandstone?
Floodplains were absent before the Devonian, what was also absent?
After a flood where will the flood drain to?
If a debris flow is fine what is its likely origin?
What feature allows coarser sediment in?
What raises deposition rates, and dorms alluvial ridges and levees?
What smooths out floodplain relief over time?
The rate of sedimentation does what away from channels?
What do channels tend to do overtime?

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