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Restoration ecology is the study of renewing what type of ecosystems?
Intentional activity that initiates or accelerates the recovery of an ecosystem with respect to its health, integrity and sustainability describes what?
What are some of the methods of restoration?
What is the assumption of restoration ecology?
Restoration focuses on animals or plants?
What sort of species does it focus on?
What percentage of the earth's surface has degraded habitats?
What are the 3 main functions?
Why do functioning ecosystems need large habitats?
However what to large patches compromise on?
But what sort of infrastructure do they have more of?
So what can they therefore do?
What are the 2 types of tropical forests?
What is the problem for the deciduous dry forests?
What is an example of a dry forest in Costa Rica?
What has happened to it?
What is the key restoration goal for the national park?
When the burning stopped, what happened to the native species?
How have horses been used to help the park?
What else was used to aid reforestation?
Large-scale conservation to restore and protect natural processes and core wilderness areas describes what?
A species that has a disproportionate effect on other organisms is called what?
Often, what falls into this category?
What is an example of a rewilding scheme?
What vegetation used to dominate this area?
How did animals help to keep the permafrost frozen?
What predator was killed off in Yellowstone?
And which herbivore then took over?
Which predator also increased?
What species did this lead to the decline of?
When wolves were reintroduced, which plants incresased?
Fewer coyotes lead to a rise in which species'?
Wolf kills gave food to which other predators?
What are limitations of of restoration schemes?
What are ethical concerns of restoration?
What habitat is a potential location for restoration?
What has occurred here?
What is the future impact of this?

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