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What does recognition broadly mean?
How can it be achieved?
What is its adaptive value?
What is an example of where recognition is important for a group?
How do American coots discriminate brood parasites?
What did Lyon 2003 find about the coots?
Osbourne et al 2013 found that bees did what to recognise their hive?
But what did he find about mature bees?
How did Tinbergen test the recognition of wasps and their nests?
Mateo 2012 studied what about Belding's ground squirrel?
What did he find about decreasing relatedness?
Why is this advantageous?
Sheehan and Tibbetts 2011 found that wasps could recognise what?
A decrease in response resulting from repeated stimulation describes what?
What can this be confused with?
What animals were used to test this?
What are the 4 things that determine habituation?
Davies 1970 showed that in the startle response of rats, if the sound is more frequently played it does what to habituation?
Carew et al 1972 showed that in the sea slug, if the siphon is touched repeatedly what happens?
How long did it retain this habituation?
Gerhardt 2007 found what about bull frog males?
Learning characteristics of stimuli as distinct from the characteristics of other stimuli is what?
It is both what?
Why is perception useful in the long term?
Gibson and Walk 1956 tested recognition in rats by building what association?
Phase sensitive learning refers to what?
What two types are there?
What information does it provide?
What is it influenced by?
Sexual imprinting can lead to what sort of mating?
Ten cate 1987 found that zebra finches imprinted on who?
Soreson et al 2010 found that would could happen between the host and young?
Luts and Robinson 2013 found that that Erg-1 helps bees do what?

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