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Can you name all the Recent Species Extinctions?

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How many animal extinctions since 1600
How many plant extinctions since 1600
Which 'Upland' Australasian bird went extinct
What year was New Zealand colonised?
How long did the 'Upland' species survive until?
The loss of the 'Upland' species caused which bird to go extinct?
What is the term used to describe an animal going extinct as a result of another
What native animal does New Zealand have none of?
Why can't grazers fulfill the the ecological role of moas
How did the loss of moas impact plants
Which bird went extinct in 1681
Where was this bird endemic to
What introductions had a negative impact on the bird
When did Rodriques' solitaire go extinct
Which sirenian went extinct in 27 years
Where was it once common
How did they become extinct
When was the last recording of the Mauritius blue pigeon
Crab-eating macaques and black rats did what to the blue pigeon
Which pigeon lineage survived in the Mauritius
Which parrot was found in Reunion
When did it go extinct
How did parrots aid endemic flora
What is the name of the only surviving parrot on Mauritius
Where was the Great auk found
What was the Great auk hunted to extinction for
When did the Great auk go extinct
Which wren was once thought to be killed by one cat
What year was the Huia last seen
How did it go extinct
Which pigeon went extinct in 1914
There were 7 billion of them in the world, making it what
What caused it to go extinct
The Tasmian tiger is also known as the
When was it given legal protection
When did it go extinct
Why did the Wake Island rail go extinct
When did it go extinct
Where was the Carribean monk seal from
When was it last seen
What year was it protected by the Endangered Species Act
Which fresh water river dolphin from China is extinct
What year did it go extinct
Why was there a rapid decline in its population

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