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The rock and fossil record is not what as a result of missing time intervals?
What has lead to there being very little rock in the Proterozoic?
Following the proterzoic, there were rich fossil assemblages in what period?
Prior to the Crogenian there are only what?
The Allen hills meteorite had structures representative of what?
The Galileo probe detected what?
What planet did the probe study?
The Itsaq Gneiss is where?
When is it dated to?
What 2 types of evidence did it have?
The Apex chert is where?
When is it dated to?
What evidence does it have?
However, what has been concluded about it?
C12 is preferentially taken up by what?
Where is there evidence for light C?
However, what are they both missing?
Isaq has carbon in what form?
What is the problem of this?
So what does this make the C isotope compared to the rock?
Where has the Apex chert been discovered to lie?
So what does this mean for the carbon?
Soluble organic compounds derived from distinctive biological molecules are what?
Organic molecules crack and leave what behind?
What are stromatolites trace fossils for?
Where have they been argued to be found?
When do you not find stromatolites until?
How can they be proved?
How are eukaryote microfossils identifiable from prokaryotes?
Where are microfossils commonly preserved?
What advantage for preservation do cherts have over shales?
The described cyanobacteria in the apex chert was found to what instead?
David Wacey made elemental maps and found the microfossils were comprised of what?
What does that make them originally?
What does this make them a consequence of?
Gunflint chert is dated to when?
Pillow lavas of Onverwacht are dated to when?
What do they show tracts of?
When is Strelley pool dated to?
What evidence does it have?
Banded iron formation suggests life began when?
The free reactive Oxygen in the atmosphere has to be the result of what?

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