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Can you name the Provenance of siliciclastic sediments?

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What is the name of the sandstone classification scheme?
Provenance includes what?
Quartz is what compound?
What type of quartz grain is commonly found in sediment?
Single distinct quartz grains with sutured boundaries are called what?
A grain made up entirely of quartz but with many distinct grains is called what?
An example of cryptocrystalline silica is what?
What are the 2 types of extinction seen in quartz?
What is the cause of the 'dark shadow moving across' type of extinction?
What causes different distinction domains in a single grain?
What is the origin of plutonic quartz?
Plutonic quartz has mainly what type of extinction?
Why is this?
High grade has a lot of which type of extinction?
Why is this?
What does this make the grains do?
Undulose extinction happens over what angles?
Sutured boundaries occur when?
What provenance is it characteristic of?
In annealed boundaries the grain boundaries are trying to reach what position?
What is it typical of?
What is another name for stretched quartz?
What has stretched them?
Where can they be found?
Where are these located?
What sort of metamorphic areas are they within?
What do fluid inclusions look like?
What provenance do they indicate?
What do they form as a result of?
What are they characteristic of?
When does shocked quartz form?
What are it's polymorphs?
Where have they been found?
Why is it uncommon?
The technique in which a thin section is bombarded with electrons and the photons emitted are measured, is called what?
What colour is volcanic quartz?
What colour is plutonic quartz?
What colour is metamorphic quartz?
What colour is low grade quartz?
What colour is medium grade quartz?
What colour is high grade quartz?
What colour is hydrothermal quartz?
KAlSi3O8 is what?
What type of these comes from acidic gneissers?
What is the source of Orthoclase K feldspars?
Ca-Na feldspars are what?
What type of twinning do they have?
Which is basic?
What is the method to locate the type of plagioclase through averaging their extinciton angles?
Sericite is what type of mineral?
What is it the product of?
What is it's next stage?
What is this a product of?
Where does it form?
If it looks cloudy out of crossed polars, does this make it quartz or untwinned orthoclase?
What interference colours does it show?
Where does it suggest intial weathering was?
If it is fresh and has no sericite, what is the weathering and environment?
What does zoned plagioclase suggest?
What does it oscillate between?
Broken plagioclase is the result of what?
What is it typical of?
Which heavy minerals are igneous?
Which heavy minerals are exclusively metamorphic?
Why is zircon useful to separate them?
A continental block has sediment derived from what?
A magmatic arc has sediment derived from what?
A recycled orogen has sediment derived from what?

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