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Can you name the Properties of fluids and flows?

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What is fluid a collective term form?
What common characteristic do they share?
Newton states, a fluid will remain at rest or in uniform motion until what?
Newton states, the rate of change of momentum of a fluid is proprotional to what?
Newton states, the direction of the reaction is what?
Newton states, the magnitude and direction of a force and its reaction are what?
What is motion generated by?
What is momentum the product of?
The sum of the multiple forces acting on a fluid is equal to what?
How does pressure act?
A force acting in a specific direction is called what?
Buoyancy results from what?
How do fluids move?
Viscosity describes what characteristics of a flow?
If the boundary is stationary, it can be said to have what condition?
If stress acts in a direction parallel to the motion it is called what?
The gradient of velocity is also called what?
The relationship between applied stress and strain rate measures what?
For a fluid, what is this the relationship between?
If, when plotted on a curve, it shows direct proportionality the fluid is what?
What coefficient can relate the effect of shear stresses and the velocity gradient?
If there is constant viscosity during deformation it is what type of fluid?
The study of deformation is called what?
What deformation property do fluids have? (toothpaste)
Osbourne Reynolds 1883 showed which 2 flow regimes exist?
What structures can be made as a result of turbulent fluctuations acting together?
What acts to modify the motion and direction of a fluid parcel?
And what resists this?
So what determines whether a flow will be turbulent or laminar?
What is this known as?
Re = 2000 means flow will be what?
Re = >4000 means flow will be what?
The thickness of the boundary depends on what to do with the flow close to the surface?

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