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Background rate of extinction is what?
How many species are lost each year?
If nothing changes, what percentage of species will be extinct in 50 years?
How high is the extinction rate compared to the rate species evolve?
Why is speciation slowing down?
Which lineages are most at risk of extinction?
Which 2 factors affects the water cycle?
What effect did land use have on Banjul forest?
A biogeochemical cycle is what?
Gas cycles include -
Sedimentary cycles include -
How much topsoil is lost each year?
Productivity of the world's croplands reduced by what as a result of topsoil loss?
What was the depth of US topsoil?
And what is it now?
Which agricultural process greatly increases erosion rates?
How much more land is needed to produce livestock?
How much of topsoil loss is as a result of cattle?
How many tons of food goes to waste each year?
How many people go hungry every day?
An African example of poor genetic diversity is?
What's the major component driving climate change?
How much did the average global temperature rise by?
The population grew to how many in the 20th century?
How many births each year?
How many deaths each year?
13 000 years ago what revolution happened?
What revolution happened in the 13th century?
Between the 15-19th centuries what revolution happened?
in the 1950s to now which plant revolution happened?
In the 1950s to now which animal revolution happened?
How much more water does it take to feed a meat eater compared to a vegan?
What is the nickname for the current 'human' time?
Why has this come about?
What is predicted to happen to the population after 2042?
When was Australia colonised?
And what was lost?
When was America colonised?
And what was lost?
When was Madagascar colonsied?
And what was lost?

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