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Different cues and perceptions between animals is a result of what?
Perception mechanisms are underlain by what?
And for vision, what does this include?
What can perception be defined as?
What are the 3 things determining what an animal can perceive?
What are the basic principles in tests of perception?
Why are perception mistakes costly?
What is signal detection theory?
What does a fast paced song show about a male?
If there is less overlap between rejection and acceptance of a good or poor quality male, what does this show about the signal?
What does the amount of overlap show about a signal?
The fish lateral line system can detect vibrations, Coombs 1999 discovered what about the distance of a vibration stimulus?
When were there fewer false alarms?
What influenced the expression of the right behaviour?
What does psychophysics investigate?
Whitney et al 2009 were investigating bees to see if they sued what as a cue?
What process as a result of natural selection can this be counted as?
What were the 2 predictions about sensory bias?
In Anolis lizards, what became part of female mat choice?
Guppy males have orange spots, why was there a preference for orange already for females?
Egger et al 2011 found out what about the preference for colours on male anal fins?
The act of concentrating on any one set of objects or thoughts describes what?
Treisman and Gelade 1980 studied what as a method of investigation into human attention?
What did this enable them to work out?
When bees spend less time making a decision, what happens?
Who was it that studied and investigated this?
Pietrewicz and Kamil 1979 studied attention and perception in what animal?
If one species was used, what happened to the pecking over time?
Bond and Kamil 1998 did the same experiment BUT the 'surviving' moths were cloned so that they started with same number each day. Which moths dominated?
What effect does this show to be taking place?

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