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What is famously incomplete?
When did cellular life evolve?
What was low in the first 2 billion years?
What years was the years of the first real diversity explosion?
Which period was this?
Which is the only phylum too appear after this period?
When do they appear instead?
In terms of phyla, in what year was the world most diverse?
When was snowball earth?
During the Cambrian what happened to the climate?
Why was this?
When was land colonised?
When did vertebrates appear?
What year did tetrapods colonise land?
When did vascular plants arise?
And when did their diversity increase?
Which type of plant was dominant until the end of the Permian?
What happened at the end of the Permian?
Which type of plant was dominant to the mid-cretaceous?
After this, why did diversity then increase for plants?
What are the 4 factors that mediated the recent changes in biodiversity?
What is the dominant factor affecting long-term variation in taxonomic diversity of marine organisms?
What happens when land masses move apart?
Why was there an increase in biodiversity in the last 100 my?
Where is the origin of ratites?
What is often a factor in mass extinctions?
How does this effect tropical reefs?
Which two factors are inseparable?
When will the world's landmasses come back together?
Who came up with the concept of biodiversity hotspots?
And in what year?
What is the percentage coverage that hotspots cover in the world?
What does the identification of hotspots ignore?
What do islands have a high number of?
The bills of Darwin's finches have adapted because of what?
What are the 2 opposite morphs that species on islands can develop into?

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