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Particle transport?

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Fine and silt sized particles cannot be suspended by boundary stresses or collisions, so what is their transport called?
Bagnold 1966 recognised that by Newton's first law, what must be acting to support the mass of particles in suspended transport?
What did he observe to develop an analysis to estimate the magnitude of the suspending force?
What is the asymmetry of turbulent eddies related to?
Close to the wall, there is a region of what?
Further away from the wall, there is a region of what?
What did Bagnold find that corresponded to the region of net upwards transport?
What was it approximately half of?
So what does this mean about the stress of the boundary?
As turbulent stresses in the fluid support suspended load, the largest suspended particles must have a fall speed comparable to what?
In calculations, when the ratio is less than 1 the particles will be what?
What terms do we characterise the rate of sedimentation?
A quiescent suspension has what property?
What does this mean about particle concentration?
What does concentration depend on the difference between?
As we move closer to the boundary what happens to the velocity?
When the velocity becomes less than the terminal velocity, what will happen to the sediment?
The lower region of a turbulent flow is generally what?
AUtC is what?
h/Ut is what?
Because of the complex nature of turbulent transport, correlations for the total load transport rate can be found by the difference from what?

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