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Can you name the Metazoan Divergence?

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What type of evolution is favoured by Darwin?
When is the oldest animal trace fossil said to be?
What is it suggested to be?
Which animal is it suggested to be from?
What does this occur alongside?
These old trace fossils do not show what?
However, in 10 million years this changes which shows what development of organisms?
This can only be possible if the body has what?
What type of organism does this suggest?
What other type of trace has been found?
So what does this evidence the existence of?
10-15 million years before the base of the Cambrian, what type of trace fossils are now seen?
However, what is not seen?
Why is this?
How many years into the Cambrian are body fossils seen?
When do we see the first shelly fossils?
How are they normally recovered?
What are they normally preserved in?
What are they mostly?
5 million years later what macroscopic body fossil is now largely found?
Quickly after what is now seen?
As molluscs and arthropods exist, what type of diversity is represented in the record?
Why is the Burgess shale useful in understanding organisms?
What type of rocks are they preserved in?
Why are the fossils in situ?
What water property aided the preservation
They were buried quickly, so what couldn't degrade them?
What were many of the fossils encased in?
What does clay act as?
What property enables this?
Phylum Onychophora includes what?
Phylum Priapulida includes what?
What parts of Annelida is preserved?
There are early what also preserved?
What other 2 phyla are preserved here?
Entirely soft tissue what is preserved?
What are some examples of extinct organisms found here?
The diversity in the Cambrian goes against what?
'All extant animal diversity present in Cambrian and actually greater in the Cambrian as it had extinct phyla' is what model?
A clades early history shows what feature?
What is this conflicting with?
What is the Cambrian explosion hypothesis no compatible with?

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