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How many endemic land birds?
How many endemic reptiles?
How many endemic fruit bats?
How much of the island is coated in sugar cane?
The native vegetation is overrun by which invasive species?
What does the loss of endemics correlate with?
How many species have survived on mainland?
Which parrot remains?
Which pigeon remains?
What does the parrot have to compete with?
Which NGO performed captive breeding?
What did they do to ensure success?
How many breeding pairs do they now have?
In what year were they downlisted endangered?
An alien parasite caused what percentage of squab mortality?
In 1974 why was the kestrel population down to 4?
What did Carl Jones do to captively breed the population?
What has been shown to be the key of captive breeding?
However what is the problem with this process?
What is a problem of captive breeding?
What are 2 more examples of endangered Mauritius birds?
What are the main predators?
Why is the mesopredator effect useful here?
What was created at he Black River Gorges for plant conservation?
In lowland forests how many hectares are covered in alien species?
What was a problem in removing the alien species?
The best lowland ebony forest has be returned to what type of habitat?
What was the main seed disperser and grazer of the Mauritius?
What did the MWF do to rectify this?
Heterophylly is found in how many species?
What are analogues also known as?
What were parrots important for?
What are some examples of the extinct ones?
Why are off-shore islets useful?
Which of these is more important for the Mauritius?
Why is this?
However what has degraded it?
What was the problem of using the seeds to replant species?
What reptile is the island a last refuge for?
What are the 2 unique geckos found there?
What are the 8 keys to success?

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