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Learning and Classical Conditioning?

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The process that allows animals to modify their behaviour on the basis of experience is what?
What is required to test if something has been learnt?
What are the 3 dimensions of learning?
Marsh tits stored food, and this showed what about the effects of learning?
Classical Pavlovian conditioning is what sort of learning?
In what year did Pavlov create the model?
The dog learned to do what upon hearing a bell?
The bell is then considered what?
If the animal is so conditioned that any other conditioning stimulus won't work describes what?
If this occurs, how would you achieve successful multiple conditioning?
Which model shows that there is a plateau to learning?
The associative strength weakening due to the lack of reinforcement is called what?
Dawson et al 2013 studied first order conditioning in what animal?
What was the conspecific presence?
What was the unconditioned stimulus?
What happened when they attempted second order conditioning with flower colour?
What are examples of phenotypic plasticity?
What are problems with associative learning?
What is a bird example of the problems of it?
What is a fish example of the benefits of association?
What did they learn to associate?
What was the positive result?

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