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Introduced species?

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How do invasive species affect a community?
When are invasions successful?
In 2006, what was the estimated cost of introduced pests?
Which invasive rodents are the result of accidental spread?
What did the Romans introduce?
And what was the big negative effect this had?
What are 6 reasons that species spread?
What was introduced by the Normans for food?
What do this species help to maintain?
Because of the myxomatosis outbreak, which insect became extinct?
The introduction of goats lead to how many endemic floral extinctions?
Which british animal caused extinctions to marsupials in Australia?
What was introduced as pest control for rats in the Caribbean?
What was introduced as pest control to control rats and cane toads in 1872?
However what did they wipe out?
What are the characteristics of invaders?
Which habitats are most vulnerable to invasion?
Which species being loss are likely to lead to secondary cascades?
Which type of invader can cause the most extinctions?
What is the type of conservation called where invaders are not interfered with?
What is a successful case of eradication of black and brown rats due to early detection?
In November 2006 what invasive species as eradicated on Ascension island?
What can invasive species bring with them?
An example of this was carried by mosquitoes to New York, what was it?
European birds are at risk of what due to swallows migrating from africa?
The brown tree snake caused how many extinctions to Guam's birds?

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