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Clark's Nutcracker buries seeds and remembers their location for 9 months, what form of intelligence does this show?
Kamil, Balda, Olson 1994 investigated food storing and intelligence. What birds did they use?
What test was performed on them?
What did this show about storers?
What does this show storing is due to?
The scrub jay has what type of memory?
Clayton and Dickinson 1998 trained scrub jays that waxworms would go off after 124 hours, because they didn't access them after this time what does this show?
As they only accessed food items that were fresh, what does this show is acting on them?
Fortin et al 2004 gave rats 10 smells to remember, what was the difference in rat and human memories?
Why would animals need to count?
Koehler 1951 showed that birds could match what?
Meck and Church 1983 tested numerical competency of rats through what?
What did they switch to instead of the exact number?
This demonstrates Webers law which is what?
Wilson et al played aggressive sounds to monkeys, they responded when?
What law does this demonstrate?
What are the theories for why humans are intelligent?
Flinn et al 2005 said humans shifted to competing with what?

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