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What is a key problem with using morphology and structures to build a tree of life?
The same gene in different species is called what?
Genes diverging due to species lineage separation are called what?
Genes evolving in parallel within species after duplication are called what?
Who rooted trees using this method?
Rooting a tree through using a species distantly related to all species is called what?
What are 2 examples of universal paralogues?
What are they to each other?
Where do both copies have to have been found if they're universal?
What organelle are they associated with?
In the practical, what type of rooting did we apply when using SRP and SRPR?
In our tree, the line joining them represented what?
Where did this event have to occur?
The 3 domains are normally represented as monophyletic, this is based on who's work?
However, our trees showed that Arachaea was what?
What hypothesis does this link to?
Who first came up with this hypothesis?
What does the hypothesis suggest Archaea are instead if not a distinct domain?
Which new kingdom of Archaea is the most closely related to Eucarya?
What is a common phenomenon, which was seen in our trees when copies of the same paralogue were in chloroplasts and Arabidopsis?
In what 3 ways can this occur?
Chloroplast are likely from what?
Mitochondria are likely from what?
Organelles have their own what distinct from the host?
What theory is this all involved in?
What is used to build a tree from soil and water samples?
The Delta group has shown what evolution which is normally associated with eukaryotes?
Which domain did photosynthesis only evolve in?
What is the name of the group that is salt tolerant?
LUCA likely used what respiration?
However, what do eukaryotes use?

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