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What is the criteria of imitation?
Fawcett et al 2002 did what type of control with birds?
Carter, Baxter and Goldsmith showed what with further trials?
Cultural transmission includes behavioural techniques that are what?
An example of cultural transmission in the animal kingdom is what?
And what did they do?
What proved that it was not just observational?
What proved that it was social learning across generations?
What are the 2 key components of cultural transmission?
Chimpanzees have been seen to do termite fishing, but why are there differences between groups?
Thornton et al 2010 looked into what in meerkats?
What was the behaviour they were looking at?
What was found between the groups?
Why might this continue over multiple generations?
What did Alpin et al 2015 study?
What did they learn from other individuals?
How does the information spread?

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