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Heathlands and climate change?

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Heathlands are a good example of problems created by what?
Where are heathlands found?
What are their characteristics?
What are some of the unique fauna there?
What were they traditionally used for?
What is the best conservation method for heathlands?
What does this help to maximise and maintain?
Why have heathlands survived and other habitats haven't?
However, what has allowed them to be reclaimed for agriculture?
What is an example of a small heathland patch?
Edge effects has caused what to happen on small heathland patches compared to large ones?
Which habitat is damaging when next to heathland?
What can be done to help reduce fragmentation?
The average of all weather conditions over a given period of time describes what?
What has been rising since the industrial age?
What can be used to track past climates and climate change?
What species is an example of this?
Do species dependent on day length of temperature change or move due to climate change?
What responses to climate change are European species showing?
Which british plant is showing range retractions?
The timing of seasonal activities and life cycle events describes what?
In 250 years, what has changed for the oak?
How has it advanced?
What does this conflict with?
UK amphibians have shown what change over the last 25 years?
How many species of bird in Britain laid eggs earlier between 1971-1995?
Why are migratory birds at risk?
How are waders in britain changing?
The drought in the summer of 2006 caused what affect for trees?
The extreme heat since 1994 has caused die-offs of which species in Australia?
Declines in ice algae are causing which other species to decline?
The loss of sea ice reduces what effect?
What ocean cycle warms north west europe?
Thermohaline circulation can cause the collapse of what?
Which organism is the most important biomass producer in the ocean?
Temperature change causes what affects to the ocean?
The black-legged kittiwake numbers dropped by how much?
In 1985-1990 the stocks of which marine animal collapsed and affected recruitment rates of many seabirds?

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