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Habitat loss and fragmentation?

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What is habitat fragmentation?
What is an English example of habitat fragmentation?
What percentage of woodland cover does the UK have left?
And what percentage of woodland cover does Ireland have left?
What percentage of streams in the lower 48 US states are still free flowing?
How has human travel caused ecosystem fragmentation?
How many Ha of land have been lost due to American main highways?
How far from a road is wildlife reduced by?
How many vertebrates are killed every day on US roads?
Landscapes and habitats are not homogeneous, instead what are they?
What topographical feature affects vegetation cover?
Many scales of disturbance overlaying one another causes what positive effect?
What do moderately intense natural disturbances cause?
Which hypothesis does this help to provide evidence for?
If there is no disturbance what happens to the species?
Why is natural patchiness different from anthropogenic patchiness?
Levins 1969 suggested how subpopulations are linked?
What does the rate of local extinction depend on?
What does the rate of empty patch colonisation depend on?
What maintains genetic diversity and species survival?
Dispersal rates between patches aren't the same, what are the two types?
Why is large scale fragmentation with climate change a problem?
The clearance of rain forests for palm oil is a threat to which species?
What type of fragmentation is widespread in britain?
In New Zealand, what type of grassland has been destroyed due to grazing cattle?
What is a semi-natural habitat?
How can matrix habitats be lost?
How can species survive habitat fragmentation?
Which species are most vulnerable to habitat fragmentation?

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