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Genetic stochasticity?

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Total genetic variation of species partitioned into within versus between population density describes what?
What are the 3 levels of the species pool of genetic diversity?
The correlation between fitness and heterozygosity is what?
What is a South african example of a species with extreme homozygosity?
What is the likely cause?
How many allozymes are they monomorphic for?
What is a big problem associated with the low genetic diversity?
What is the main problem for causing low heterozygosity in carnivores?
What is the cub death rate of cheetahs in the Serengeti?
What is a big cause of this?
Do smaller or larger populations have higher heterozygosity?
How is genetic diversity lost?
Polydactylism due to the founder effect is in what community?
Which aquatic species underwent a genetic bottleneck?
Where is inbreeding common?
Is the active population size higher or lower than the effective population size?
An effective population of 1000 retains what percentage of genetic diversity per generation?
Is it higher or lower in small populations?
What is the benefit of a small population?
What is the benefit of a large population?
What are 2 examples of mammals that have recovered from low effective population sizes?
What is the 50/500 rule not correct?
What is a problem faced by small wild populations?
Each river has unique salmon, so what are the problems with the release of captive bred salmon?
Which salmon has been driven to extinction as a result of salmon farms?

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