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Can you name the Fundamentals of particle settling?

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Which type of flow is ordered?
Initially why will the Re number be small?
However, when they both get larger what type of flow is it showing characteristics of?
When can the Stokes particle settling law be used?
The lost energy is measured as a force exerted by the fluid on the particle is called what?
What 3 forces are acting on a particle?
For gravitation particle settling, the falling particles attain a constant what?
Which direction does buoyancy force act?
For low Re flow, what does drag force depend on?
For a settling particle, which density is used to calculate the Re number?
What does Stokes law increase linearly with?
FOr Re 0.1 what 2 parameters are used?
What is the Ar number describing?
A relationship between Ar and Re is what?
If particles are not spherical, what do we use to be able to calculate using the law?
When is fluid displacement important?
What is generated as a result of this?
When the displacement affects the movement of others, it is called what?
What is hindered speed less than?
Under what conditions does it decrease?
When does hindered settling become important?

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