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Can you name the Eukaryotes and the boring bilion?

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What helps to enable Eukaryotes to be distinguishable from Prokaryotes?
How many times have chloroplast emerged independently?
In what algae was this?
LECA stands for what?
The length of time between the FECA and LECA is what?
What is argued to have evolved before the symbiosis with mitochondria?
What does this suggest the first eucarya were?
What was thought to help prove that they were anaerobic?
But the study into what disproved this?
Instead, who does this group branch at the same time with?
So what does this make its reduced mitochondria?
Early life would have been of what grade?
When did most of the lineages for Eucarya evolve?
Where is the earliest significant claim for the first eukaroytes?
When is this dated to?
What was recovered?
However, Rasmussen et al 2009 found that the biomarker Carbon was what?
Steranes have also been shown to be able to come from where?
Gabon 2.1 Ga found what?
What was inside the shale?
In Stirling biota what was found?
When is this dated to?
The possible markers include what?
Gunflint chert has what?
When is it dated to?
What is it used as evidence against?
What is the oldest, widely accepted Eukaryote record?
What are the names of some eukaryote fossils?
What does the increase in O2 after 2.5 ga correlate with?
What is there a series of in the cryogenian?
What is this evidenced by?
What are the glaciations succeeded by?
How long is the snowball state suggested to last for?
What stopped the state?
How many of these events occurred in the Cryogenian?
What did these events help to diversify?

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