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An estuary has what type of sediment?
Where are most estuaries found?
Esturaine circulation is described by what structure?
What are the classes of estuary?
What type of mixing occurs between the sea and river water?
What determines the estuary type?
R is sometimes called what?
V is known as what?
A salt wedge estuary, has a greater volume of what?
This results in a lack of what?
What happens to the mixing of the waters?
What are examples of large salt wedge estuaries?
A highly stratified estuary has a sharp variation in what?
Which volume is larger than the other?
How do the flows mix?
As a consequence of this, what happens to the mixing layer?
The strong shear velocity creates what at the interface?
Waves break and 'topple over' in the upper layer, what does this lead to for the salt water?
Which direction does this move?
This movement of sea water causes what change to salinity?
What is an example of this type of estuary?
The flux of salt water upwards leads to an increase in what?
In a slightly stratified estuary, which volume is larger?
What creates most of the turbulence?
As a result what does this cause the fresh water to do?
What does this causes salinity to do?
In what type of climate is this estuary found?
In a vertically mixed estuary, how does river volume compare to tidal volume?
So what dominates the estuary?
Because of this, what is completely erased?
As a result, what happens to salinity in vertical profiles?
What is an example of this type of estuary?
Sediment can be transported through the estuary and discharged to the shelf as the result of what?
What can move temporarily stored sediment in the estuary?
Were does sediment accumulate in the estuary?
What can prevent river sediment from being lost due to floods?
What conditions exercise enough energy to remove cohesive mud?
What affects the ability of particles to flocculate?
The uppermost region is called what?
Freshwater swamps, brackish water marshes, sandy channel floors accumulation is controlled by what?
Land surface sinks are due to what?
What is the middle region called?
What characteristics does it have?
The deepest region is called what?
What type of deposits does it have?
The lobe of maximum sedimentation changes over centuries as a result of what?
What do submarine channel systems form as a result of?
Why is the Severn Estuary of particular interest?
What does this characteristic cause?
It is also called what type of estuary?
It is an outlet for how many rivers?
Which are examples of the rivers that flow through it to the Bristol channel?
What shape does the estuary have which is unique to Britain?
What shape does shape help to cause?
How many hectares is the tidal range?
The development of the estuary can be separated into how many periods?
The period from the Cambrian to the end of the Tertiary was a period of major what?
This lead to what?
During the Pleistocene what occurred?
During the Holocene what occurred?
What size sediment is it dominated by?
In some areas, how are sand and mud found?
What are examples of these?
What is a sand bank?
What is found in areas adjacent to Flat Holm and Steep Holm?
What occurs at the mouth of the Avon?
The area downstream from Avonmouth is dominated by what?
What is the Severn bore the result of?
What sort of bore is it?
The narrowing of the river mouth helped to form it, this is because it did what to the water?
What type of waves can bores be?
How many bores are there everyday in the Severn bore?
The long wave speed depends on what?

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