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What are fundamental innovations for animals?
What are some factors that helped to contribute to the development of animals?
Through the Ediacaran, what is there an increase in?
What did they vary in?
When was there an explosion in diversity?
Where can clear Precambrian macroscopic biota be found?
How long ago was the Ediacaran?
What units the Ediacarans?
What type of structure do they have?
What does this structure help to do?
When do the most complex organisms appear in the Ediacaran?
What helped to contribute to the increase in diversity and disparity?
Which gradients did this change?
What is an example of an Ediacaran?
What has it been compared to through its anatomy?
However, what are the Ediacarans more similar to?
What structure do they share?
This structure suggests Vendobiota are what compared to animals?
Grazhdank et al 2008 found what structure?
If it is assumed that the O2 levels are the same as today, how is it suggested that Dickinsonia respired?
Vendobiota is a what?
What did they have which was good for photosynthesis?
However, where can they found?
McMenamin suggested what hypothesis?
What is the evidence that Ediacara are not all the same?
So what are they instead all united by?
What does this 'unnatural assemblage' contain?
So what can these structures be compared to?
What have protists with modular structures been compared to?
What sort of members of the animal phylogenetic tree can they said to be?
Rangiamorphs are considered to be what?
Dickinsonia and Kimberella are considered what?
What are the first appearing, and last go, Ediacarans?
What are they united by?
Frondomorphs have what sort of branching?
The shared anatomy of Rangeomorphs and Frondomorphs is an example of what?
Where have Kimborellamorphs been found?
Which living phyla have they been assigned to?
What sort of structure do they have?
As they are a member of living phyla, what does this suggest about animals?
They have been assigned to this phyla due to scratch marks suggesting what?
Dickinsoniamorphs are representatives of what?
What is this a sister group of?
What type of symmetry do they show?
What is rarely preserved about them?
'Preserved in sand link soggy socks filled with sand' describes which group?
What are some agreed to be?
Where is an example of the disparity and diversity of animals shown?
What is seen that unites the stratigraphy here?
What does this help to prevent?
Feeding traces of what have been seen in these structures?
They are preserved as a consequence of what?
Where is there a lot of at the interface?
What does the mat become once it dies?
What does it get preserved as?
What does this allow for?
What visual representation is used to show the diversity of assemblages of an area?
What is it filled by in the Ediacaran?
What leads to the change of this moving into the Cambrian?
What do microbial mats seal?
What does this lead to a difference in?
How is the spread of microbial mats prevented in the Cambrian?
What are the 3 hypotheses suggested for the loss of Ediaacara?
What does the model suggest?

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