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Velez and Bee 2011 studied Grey treefrogs and found that females would select a mate from the chorus, what is this an example of?
A sign stimuli is what?
Bolyard and Rowland 1996 showed the effect of what sign stimuli in male Sticklebacks?
What behaviour did they do?
What happened if the belly was brighter?
Tinbergen 1948 and Ten Cate et al 2009 looked into what parental task of Herring gulls?
What was found about the red spot on its bill?
An exaggerated stimulus that elicits a greater response than the normal innate one is called what?
Which reproductive of behaviour is thought to be involved with it?
This is suggested for what reason?
Tanaka and Ueda 2005 found that Horsfields hawk cuckoo used what as an exaggertaed stimulus?
The environment has multiple stimuli which add to generate a response, this is called what?
Heiligenberg 1974 showed that stimuli can do what do each other?
In cichlid fish they showed what about colour?
What are the costs of multiple stimuli?
What are the benefits of multiple stimuli?
Wollerman and Wiley 2002 found what overlap between species?
However, when 3 traits were considered what did they find?
The process by which animals learn to make different responses to different stimuli describes what?
How can it be acquired?
What have bees shown that they can do?
What does discrimination depend on?
Bhatt et al 1988 showed discrimination is faster with what?
What did they show discrimination also depends on?
As stimuli are never the same twice, what must organisms do?
This benefits an animal because they can respond to what?
As responses to new stimuli depend on responses to previous ones, this causes what to happen?
An example of this being used is what?
Assigning an object to a concept is what?
What sort of variables can this learning use?
Dooling et al 1992 investigated this, and found species respond how to calls of their own species?
What does this show the differences are not a result of?

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