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Mudflows and debris flows are driven by what?
What gives the flows internal strength?
What is this necessary for?
What reduces as particles get larger?
Are debris flows or mudflows coarser?
What makes a lahar different from mudflows and debris flows?
Because lahars become dilute in downstream direction, they are then called what?
The size of what is transported can be linked to what?
What grading is seen in sheet floods?
If the stream is energetic what is seen in the clasts?
A dry landslide would see what form of grading?
When smaller/finer material goes through gaps and works their way to the bottom, it is called what?
Nevada Del Ruiz Columbia is an example for what type of debris flow?
Which mountain range are they located in?
What contributed to the cause of the debris flow?
What are 2 examples of Newtonian fluids?
Why are Newtonian fluids 'the simplest' fluids?
The concentration of particles in a dilute suspension modifies the viscosity of the suspension according to which law?
In a low concentration of particles, there would be a linear increase in viscosity with an increase in what?
With an increase on particles what is lost?
Why is this?
Above what concentration do you have no relationship?
A linear relationship between shear stress and strain rate defines this fluid as what?
In high concentration suspensions, the fluid becomes known as what?
When does this suspension deform?
What can be used to determine the dynamics of this type of flow?
When shear stress is acting on a plane parallel to the base of the flow, at a certain depth and height, what is the weight of the material equal to?
When the stress on the boundary is less than the yield stress, what is formed?
If the stress falls below the yield stress, what cannot happen?
Above this point, how does the fluid move?

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