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What does a rise in temperature also cause a rise in?
What does cold water accelerate?
What productivity does climate dictate?
What is necessary for photosynthesis, so more light leads to more what?
Precipitation governs what?
Which are the 3 main tectonic processes driving climate?
What do volcanoes eject into the atmosphere?
An aerosol layer may prevent what?
What can small aerosol droplets do?
If they are instead ejected into the troposphere, what happens?
SO2 emissions react with water to form which acid?
Where was the greatest outpouring of basalt lava in historical timing?
What happened to the temperature of the following winter?
Why did 6 million people die globally?
After the eruption of Tambora, what happened to sea ice?
What are 2 examples of flood basalt eruptions?
The long-term increase of what will reset the carbon equilibrium?
The cretaceous Ontong-Java and Kerguelen provinces caused a raised in CO2 levels by what?
The Siberian traps caused what extinction?
The deccan traps caused what extinction?
What areas govern where life is abundant?
The warmer and wetter the environment, the greater the volume of what?
What is needed to keep fresh bedrock exposed?
Why are chemical weathering rates slow in polar regions?
Why type of clay is formed in temperate region?
Near the equator there is an increase in what?
What type of clays are found in the tropics?
Silicates are leached down to what?
Where else is there little chemical decomposition?
Where does the depth of the weathering zone increase?
Rain water reacts with CO2 to form what?
Weathering of what removes CO2 from the atmosphere?
Mountain building is associated with the increase of what weathering?
Why is CO2 drawn down?
The appearance of the Himalayas matches in the increased flux of what in oceans?
How does this affect the carbonate compensation depth?
There was an increase of what being drawn down?
This caused what?
The weathering of basalt flows can be seen where?
a hard mineral crust formed at or near the surface of soil in semi-arid regions by the evaporation of groundwater describes what?
What type do the tropics have?
In warmth with acidic pH, what do you get?
In an arid region with low pH, there is what?
In even drier environments what do you get?
Gypcrete is formed where?
Silcrete has what 2 features?
Because it contains SiO2, which has low solubility below pH10, what can it be associated with?
How might it form?
Pelagic means carbonate is formed where?
What temperature do marine ooids form at?
What temperature range is the optimum?
Pelagic carbonate is formed by what?
What is responsible for chalk precipitation?
What do greenhouse era correspond with?

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