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Can you name the Carbonate diagenesis?

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If carbonates are generated intrabasinally they are in equilibrium with what?
Calcite, aragonite and dolomite are mechanically and chemically stable than silicates, so what do they go under more readily?
And what are they more susceptible to?
What causes this?
They are deposited in places supported by what?
The movement of incompatible assembleges of silicate minerals towards equilibrium with burial environment describes what type of diagenesis?
Which diagenesis causes wide scale and pervasice change?
What does the complete dolomitisation of aragonite cause?
What are diagenetic products controlled by?
What ratios are useful in indicating palaeo temperatures?
Calcite and dolomite can substitute which calcium cations?
Aragonite can take in what cations?
What coordination does aragonite have?
What needs to be calculated to identify how many cations can be included?
The coefficient predicts how much of a trace element in a fluid can be included in what?
There is more Sr in what than calcite?
Iron gets into which species more easily?
As the temperature rises, species incorporate more what into their calcitic tests?
Sr:Ca in coral aragnoites shows what correlation?
So the higher the temperature the what of Strontium in the skeleton?
How is Sr released?
The soluble ion then gets into what allowing it to enter ocean basins?
Which basin has this been traced in?
How many stable isotopes does oxygen have?
Which one is in the largest volume?
What can the ratio of O18:O16 be compared to?
Where do most of the Oxygen isotopes come from?
O16 evaporates easily, so what does this do to the oceans?
How many isotopes does Carbon have?
C13 is precipitated in what?
Vegetation causes what isotope to be enriched in soil?
Bacterial fermentation will push which isotope to high concentrations?
C13 is low when what type of plants are involved?
How much more saline is sea water than river water?
Which is the most common ion in sea water?
Which is the most common ion in river water?
Aragonite is precipitated in which water?
When is the aragonite compensation depth?
Calcite is found no deeper than what depth?
Where are the only areas/environments that you'll find aragonite?
The depth in th eocean below which the rate of dissolution of carbonates increases rapidly is called what?
Aragonite is more widespread in areas of elevated what?
In eogenesis, endolithic organisms produce what?
Where is microboring common?
Which organisms do it?
What sediment does it create?
Cement textures can be what?
In quiet areas, aragonite can have what texture?
What is often found around an allochem?
In low energy sediment, behind barriers and reefs, what can be found?
More robust calcite cements can be found in areas of what?
In meteoric and early burial diagenesis, what types of cement are found above the water table?
Precipitation is slower in which diagenetic environment?
What type of compaction is found?
What type of fabric can develop?
What overgrowth can occur after compaction?
Why do you end to not find micritic limestone of palaeozoic age?
The dissolutoin to karst scenery from acidic water occurs in which diagenetic environment?
What does this release?

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