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How many zoos and aquaria are there in the word?
Which are the most likely taxa within them?
How many species became extinct in the 20th century?
How many are preserved in captivity?
What percentage have been successfully returned to the wild?
In 2000, how many species were listed as endangered in zoos?
What is the best that most zoos can do for wild populations?
What cat is an example of this?
What is the problem of nature of zoos?
What percentage of threatened amphibians were in zoos?
And reptiles?
And birds?
And mammals?
In 2010, how many of the 68 vertebrates threat levels fell due to captive breeding programmes?
How many species of mammals, birds and amphibians move one category closer to extinction each year?
In 2010, how many of the 3955 terrestrial vertebrate species in zoos were threatened?
How much did zoos and aqaria cost in the 1980s?
However, what was the budget for the 4300 protected areas in the developing world?
Reintroduction programmes were successful when?
Why are zoos not meeting these categories?
What has been more successful than reintroductions?
Why are captive bred animals unsuitable?
What species is a good example of reintroduction and translocation success and failure?
How many did they used in the Uniao reserve in 1994?
How many did they have by 2001?
What were the problems that the first reintroduced individuals had?
What did later reintroductions therefore do?
In 2000 how many were there from the captive stock?
However what is the problem faced for their conservation now?
So what could be done to help this?
What predator of black-tailed prarie dogs underwent captive breeding?
In 1972 how many were left in the wild?
In 1979 18 were taken into captivity, what was different about this breeding?
How many did they then have by 1989?
By 2013 how many reintroduction sites were there?
How many wild individuals were there?
How many captive individuals were there?

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